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F. H. Belfus - Bennett

The granddaughter of a professional musician (piano) and daughter of New Jersey record store owners whose mother sang and acted in community theater, music was a constant presence in both child and adulthood.  Records were my favorite gift to receive as a child, second only to books.  Sang in choruses all through junior high and high school; also competed in talent shows, occasionally winning or placing.  Sang with friends as a kid and with colleagues as a grown-up.   A Doors fan since high school, I felt inclined to include a cover band as part of Saturday Night Dead, which inherently, is part of my story.  All characters are based on actual people who were in my life at the time the book was written--most of them are part of me, as well.  

About writing:
"I can construct a universe within the skull--to rival the real"
Jim Morrison, The Doors

The importance of music in my life:
"Music was the soundtrack of our lives"
Danny Sugarman, young Doors roadie and friend, also coauthor of "No One Here Gets Out Alive"

About Boston mysteries:
"Talk about the Boston Strangler..It's not one of those..Talk about the cloak and dagger..."
"Midnight Rambler'' by the Rolling Stones

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