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A must read for Bostonians!
By R. DiMeco
Climb aboard the "Danger Train". Relentless suspense! I found it refreshing, intriguing- a brilliant debut! Wonderful Classic New England Tale. A must read for young and old!

Boston Rocks!
By L. Paida
Loved the Boston flavor of the book, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I look forward to hearing more from this first-time author.

Great Book!
By Marisa B.
I really enjoyed reading this book. I love murder mysteries and this was a real page turner. It was fast paced and exciting!

Five Stars
By Joyce
Loved it!! Well written, exciting and suspenseful. Couldn't put it down. Can't wait to read this author's next book!

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Rock and roll kills in F.H. Belfus-Bennett’s thrilling debut novel, Saturday Night Dead. A clever blend of murder mystery and the 1990s Boston music scene, its constant twists and turns will have fans lining up.

There’s nowhere quite like Boston for rock and roll fans. But when wealthy, privileged college students who frequent the underground music scene begin turning up dead, it leaves the entire city in a panic.

With eerie messages left by the killer at each scene, the clues pile up and some question begin to arise: Is it really possible that A.J. Fuller, the Southern gentleman drug dealer, could also be a cold-blooded killer? What is the true identity of his constant sidekick, “Pisces” Petrovic? And what does David, a waiter and Jim Morrison look-alike, have to do with it all?

Readers will be on the edge of their seats as they follow the tracks of a killer in Belfus-Bennett’s wildly entertaining Saturday Night Dead.

A mystery buff from an early age who hails from a musical family, I felt the need to fuse music and mystery together to create the ultimate entertaining read!
A gritty Boston/Cambridge police procedural set against a backdrop of a Doors cover band, drugs, murder and the working class!

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